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Key Features & Capabilities
What is WiseBldg

What is WiseBldg?

WiseBldg (pronounced “Wise Building”) is BEM Controls’ powerful, low-cost, open-architecture software platform that can monitor and control major electrical loads (e.g., HVAC, lighting and plug loads), as well as solar PV systems, energy storage units and other IoT sensors in commercial buildings. The platform can provide new or legacy buildings with a building automation system (BAS) or connect with existing BAS systems in large and small commercial buildings. WiseBldg leverages machine learning algorithms to draw insights from a deployed building’s historical operating data and occupant preferences to save energy (kWh) while increasing occupant comfort. WiseBldg also allows buildings to reduce peak demand (kW) through direct communication with utilities using demand response protocols such as openADR. WiseBldg helps communities around the world smartly control energy usage, one building at a time.

WiseBldg is deployed in the cloud and directly connected to open APIs from original equipment manufacturers. It has also been successfully deployed in on-premises contexts on highly secure networks. 

Key Features

Secure Operation

  • 256-bit encryption

  • Role-based access control

  • Real-time security check for new devices

Load Control

  • Machine learning using historical data 

  • Priority load control

  • Occupancy-based control

Building System


  • Base-line characterization

  • Building load forecasting

  • Fault-detection system 


  • Transactive control

  • OpenADR interface

  • Frequency regulation


  • Cloud deployment

  • Multi building/campus

  • Thousands of concurrent devices

One platform for all your devices


Set point and mode control, Tampering detection and Scheduling

Lighting Loads

On/Off & dimming control, Illuminance-based control, Scheduling

Plug Loads

On/Off and Scheduling


Sensors: Occupancy & Environmental monitoring

Security Camera: Live Streaming & Control

Solar/PV and

Energy Storage

Solar/PV: Operation monitoring, Smart inverter Control

Power Meter

Energy Usage & Peak monitoring -- KW/KWh

WiseBldg can monitor and control all of the load equipment in your building(s) that cause most of the power consumption. Even older equipment can be monitored and controlled using inexpensive aftermarket equipment (listed below), that even the building owner can purchase.


Interoperability Focus

WiseBldg is an open architecture platform designed to discover, monitor, and control new and legacy devices using industry standard technologies and protocols. The platform natively supports the following protocols and technologies:


Data exchange protocols

WiseBldg supports BACnet, which is a data exchange protocol for building automation and control networks.

WiseBldg connects Modbus -- a serial data exchange protocol widely used in older buildings.

ZigBee is a low-power, open wireless standard supported by many IoT devices.

WiseBldg supports devices that connect to web interfaces, such as XML, JSON, RSS/Atom and HTTP.

WiseBldg can accept OpenADR signals and perform automatic load control for demand response .

Building communications technologies


Devices that use Ethernet interface can communicate with WiseBldg. Ethernet is commonly used in local area networks (LANs).


WiseBldg accepts devices with serial interface (RS-485). It has been widely used to form simple networks of multiple devices for building automation applications.


Wi-Fi has become a popular technology for emerging IoT devices. WiseBldg can easily interface with devices using Wi-Fi.


WiseBldg also supports ZigBee communication as well. ZigBee has become popular as an open wireless standard for IoT devices.

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