We make your
buildings Wiser!

Build Your Own
Building Automation System (BYOBAS)

Using built-in energy device profiles based on open standards, building managers can create a Building Automation System (BAS) customized for each building's needs.

We call it BYOBAS.

View and control your smart devices in one place

With WiseBldg, monitor your HVAC, lighting loads, plug loads, Solar/PV, Security Cameras -- EVERYTHING from a single place.


Less Confusion, more action.

Smarter, more comfortable, energy savings for you

WiseBldg incorporates decades of energy research and product innovation to deliver energy savings at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.


Why spend more?

The Difference We Deliver

Monitor And Control

Unlike other companies that just suggest how your building might save energy, BEM Controls helps you actively monitor energy usage, run analytics AND control your energy systems giving you a total energy management solution.

Freedom from proprietary equipment constraints


Our competitors sell you proprietary hardware and software bundles that are expensive and don't scale as you grow your device portfolio.


BEM Controls takes a different approach focused on flexibility to deliver value for our customers. We are a software-only company that integrates devices from top vendors including many that you may you can buy yourself such as Google Nest®, Belkin WeMo® and Phillips Hue®. We regularly add new energy and IoT devices to WiseBldg to reflect the devices that our customers have installed in their buildings. 

Energy control delivered to you by a team of leading energy experts


Our leadership and deployment team has decades of experience researching, designing and deploying advanced energy systems. Our customers benefit from this experience and insight when creating their own BAS deployments using WIseBldg.

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