Deployment and Success Stories

BEMOSS®-plus is currently being deployed in the Virginia Tech's office building in Alexandria, VA, the Virginia Tech's Commercial Office and Retail building in Blacksburg, VA, the Arlington County's Equipment Bureau building in Arlington, VA and the DC School System in Washington, DC. Their success stories and energy savings achieved are described below.


Typical energy savings in commercial buildings where BEMOSS®-Plus has been deployed are summarized below.

Virginia Tech Building
Alexandria, VA

Deployment: May 2015
Size: ~25,000 square feet
Load: AC & plug loads
Measures: Raising AC set points, while maintaining occupant comfort

This is the 1st BEMOSS®-Plus deployment site at a Virginia Tech building located in Alexandria, VA. This building has an approximate area of 25,000 square feet, and consumes about 14-25 MWh per month. BEMOSS®-Plus was deployed to control selected AC and plug loads in the building. 10-15% savings in overall electricity usage was achieved.

Equipment Bureau
Arlington, VA

Deployment: January 2016
Size: ~5,000 sq ft (office space)
Load: Lighting
Measures: Diming light intensity based on a pre-defined schedule, or usage profile.

This Arlington County Equipment Bureau building is a full-service vehicle maintenance and repair facility. BEMOSS®-Plus was deployed to control lighting loads of the office space of about 5,000 square feet located on the second floor of the building. Electricity savings of over 30% for selected lighting loads has been observed.

Virginia Tech Building
Blacksburg, VA

Deployment: April 2016
Size: ~40,000 square feet
Load: Air conditioning (AC)
Measures: Raising AC set points, while maintaining occupant comfort

This building is located near the main campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA. It is primarily used for office and retail commercial space covering about 41,000 sq ft. BEMOSS®-Plus was deployed to control seven rooftop units (RTU). The savings achieved through BEMOSS®-Plus deployment was 10-15% in electricity usage.

PG County Dept of Family Services, MD

Deployment: August 2016
Size: ~45,000 square feet
Load: Air conditioning (AC)
Measures: Set night-time temperature set back 

This building is located in Camp Springs, Maryland. It is an office building providing family services in Prince George's County.  It covers about 45,000 sq ft space. BEMOSS®-Plus was deployed to control thirteen rooftop units (RTU) and thirteen existing thermostats were replaced with Wi-Fi enabled thermostats.  BEMOSS®-Plus provides monitoring-only services to this building.


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