An Open Architecture Platform for Monitoring and Control of IoT Devices

BEMOSS®-Plus is the core of a very powerful, low-cost, open-architecture platform for building automation system that provides standard building energy management functions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and plug load control, as well as the ability to integrate with security cameras, rooftop solar PV and energy storage units. It is designed for small and medium-sized commercial buildings that do not have an existing building automation system. BEMOSS®-Plus has a built-in learning algorithm that can learn from building operation historical data and occupant preferences to allow commercial buildings to save energy (kWh), reduce peak demand (kW) and respond to OpenADR signals from electric utilities.  

Key BEMOSS®-plus features and capability 

BEMOSS®-Plus's key features include auto-discovery of devices, security check for new devices, alarm/notification, graph of historical data and many more. It can communicate with a number of commercial off-the-shelf products for HVAC, lighting and plug load control, security cameras, rooftop solar PV systems, energy storage units and any IoT devices with open API.


Check out our videos for HVAC, lighting ang plug load control using BEMOSS®-plus.

Achieved >10% Energy Savings

BEMOSS®-Plus has been deployed in four commercial buildings. Energy savings of over 10% was observed for HVAC control and over 30% savings was observed for lighting load control. 

BEM Controls awarded competitive grant from NSF and CIT

NSF's Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program and CIT Matching Fund provide seed funding for R&D.

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