BEM Controls Services

Customized Solutions for Smart Buildings

For each smart building project, BEM Controls will provide consultation support to help you design a customized solution that fits your building needs.  Our customized solutions include:

  • Monitoring & control of HVAC, lighting and plug loads 
  • Monitoring & control of solar PV with smart inverter
  • Monitoring & control of battery storage charge/discharge
  • Occupant-based control
  • Comfort-based control
  • Illuminace-based control
  • Energy savings
  • Peak demand reduction
  • Anti-tampering of thermostats
  • Data analytics

Building Energy Modeling

BEM Controls uses eQUEST (QUick Energy Simulation Tool) --which is the widely recognized  building energy simulation software in use today-- to model buildings.  This software is based off of the modeling requirements of ASHRAE 90.1.  To model the building, our team will:

Step 1: Collect information on:

  • Building shell, structure, materials and shades
  • Building operations and schedules
  • Internal loads (e.g., people, lights, equipment)
  • HVAC/equipment and performance
  • Electricit bills or smart meter data (for model validation)

Step 2: Develop a building model in eQUEST

Data collected will be inputed in eQUEST.  eQUEST can provide grphical reports on:

  • Monthly energy consumption by end-use
  • Annual energy consumption by end-use
  • Monthly utility bills
  • Monthly peak demand by end-use
  • Annual peak demand by end-use
  • Monthly peak day electric load profile 
3D building energy simulation model in eQUEST

Step 3: Validate the model using electricity bills and/or 30-minute smart meter data
Our experience on the building models previously developed indicates that the simulation output is within +/-5% of actual building electricity consumption.

Step 4: Analyze potential energy savings and peak demand reduction with BEMOSS®-Plus

Our team will then use the validated building model to analyze the impact of different energy savings measures, such as:

  • Change temperature set points
  • Dim the lights 
  • Set equipment schedules
  • Installation of rooftop solar PV
  • Many more....


A full spectrum of BEMOSS®-plus services is offered to our target customers (i.e., small- and medium-sized commercial building operators). BEM Controls will lease the BEMOSS®-plus hardware platform and maintain the system on a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) basis for a monthly fee. Client owns and maintain all of their devices. Please contact us for details or use the contact form below.

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