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An Open Architecture Platform for Monitoring and Control of IoT Devices

BEM Controls provides an Open-Architecture Platform for monitoring and control of IoT devices, as well as technical expertise and engineering support to develop customized solutions for smart buildings and smart cities.  


BEMOSS®-Plus is the core of a very powerful, low-cost, open-architecture platform for building automation system that provides standard building energy management functions for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and plug load control, as well as the ability to integrate with security cameras, rooftop solar PV and energy storage units. BEMOSS®-Plus has a built-in learning algorithm that can learn from building operation historical data and occupant preferences to allow commercial buildings to save energy (kWh), reduce peak demand (kW) and respond to OpenADR signals from electric utilities.


BEM Controls offers the following services:

>> Customized solutions for smart buildings
We provide engineering support and consultation to develop customized solutions to make your building smart.

>> Energy Modeling & Analysis
We provide techincal expertise to develop a building energy simultion model (using eQUEST), validate it using kWh consumption from electricity bills or 30-minute readings from your smart meter.  The model can be used to analyze potential energy savings after the deployment of BEMOSS®-Plus.

Success Stories

BEMOSS®-Plus has been deployed in:

>> Virginia Tech building in Alexandria, VA, which demonstrates >25% electricity savings in HVAC consumption

>> Equipment Bureau building in Arlington, VA, which demonstrate >35% electricity savings in lighting consumption

Industry News

>> Sept 14, 2017 "If Buildings Could Talk: Smart Buildings, IoT, Safety, and the Bottom Line" - By Joe Hernandez
"In a recent study by Jones Lang LaSalle, buildings that are considered “intelligent” sell at a premium of up to 17 percent over traditional buildings. They enjoy up to 18 percent higher occupancy and achieve up to a mind-blowing 30 percent higher lease rate than their unintelligent cousins. It’s this kind of data that explains why Frost and Sullivan estimates the smart building market will reach $26 billion by 2019." 


Check out our videos for HVAC, lighting ang plug load control using BEMOSS®-plus.

BEM Controls awarded competitive grant from NSF and CIT

NSF's Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program and CIT Matching Fund provide seed funding for R&D.

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+1 (571) 399 6368